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Imagine Spa services in your own room...

You can come to us or we can come to you

We offer a new concept in spa service, we come to you and serve you in your own home. Let us do the driving and you can do the relaxing. Retain the comfort we provide by not having to get into a car and drive after. Instead you can fully appreciate the experience of rejuvenation.

We specialize in the Hawaiian form of massage Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage from the line of Margaret Machado. In addition, a highly advanced bodywork new to the world called Structural Spinal Sculpting using Body Balancing For Scoliosis Therapy. This is cutting edge bodywork centered on bringing the body into proper alignment to release the nerve flow and bring homeostasis to the entire body. 

This advanced medical massage was received by Divine inspiration by Sarah Marguerite Pennington. In 2007 it was recognized by the NCBTMB for continuing education credit for licensed massage therapists. 

Our Spa service is unique in that we help postural issues and get to the root of many chronic pain problems and dysfunction of organs and systems of the body due to misalignments of the spine. Abnormal postures result in interference with proper nerve flow into certain regions of the body. The nerves send a message to the muscles to tighten when they are being impinged. The release of the fascia layer of the body and relaxation of the muscles help realign the posture, taking the pressure off the nerves and releasing the muscles into a relaxed state far beyond the end of the treatment.

Instead of  just deep tissue massage relieving symptoms temporarily, Body Balancing for Scoliosis Therapy has a long term change after a session.

The process removes scar tissue that is the source of many pain issues in the body, permanently.

The most amazing thing about Body Balancing is that when the spine is straight; cerebral spinal fluid can make it to the brain. This balances the brain chemistry, delivering the components needed to elevate the mood and clear the mind.

 We also offer a unique twist on hot stone massage. We incorporate the use of hot sand, the traditional Hawaiian way to melt away stress. All this plus the other traditional spa pleasures of scrubs, polishes, facials, and other spa services you enjoy. Just call and we are on our way to serve you.

 Or you can come to us for the experience at the Cliffs Resort in Princeville at Hanalei


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