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Aloha. I was born in Carson City, Nevada.  I moved to Hawaii at the age of six months, by way of the Queen Mary.  I remained there for the first seven years of my life. My father was a geologist, hydrologist, and research engineer working for the United Sates Geological Survey. He was assigned to Hawaii, and tasked with establishing modern water systems. My father did groundbreaking research, then, on how to get the salt water out of our water systems. He is in the "who’s who" of scientists in his field. He made breakthroughs in water systems for the islands, and his work went global when he shared his discoveries at a big conference in Europe. His work is a huge contribution to all island water systems in the world and has made the growing population sustainable in similar regions across the globe.

The reason I am writing this in the first place is because when you have an answer that the world needs; it is your responsibility to get it out there. To make a difference with the piece of the puzzle you have been given. I do not personally want fame. I am happy living a simple life in Kauai, tucked away and in tune with God. However, in my journey of seeking in the spiritual realm, I asked to be able to give back for all that has been given to me. The gift I sought was in the healing of humanity, as the world really needs more healers.  I have been blessed to see my prayers answered. I have been given an extraordinary understanding of the human body, how it deals with injuries and illnesses. I need to follow in my father’s footsteps and take my knowledge global. The need to do this will be evident when you understand what I have to offer, which is not available anywhere else.

I have been doing massage since I was 15. I pray when I work, and listen for instruction. The understanding I have come to through this process is told by the people who have been able to receive this work. In a nutshell, many tetamonies of my clients report I changed a scoliosis victim and return them to the way they were originally made in alignment. A picture is worth a thousand words. and so check out the before and after pictures in the testimony section. The video testimonies as well. You can also see pictures of the before and after of backs and bodies that have changed, some through only one session. The medical world treats scoliosis with a rod up the spine. I have never seen it help. Most people get injured in their lives at one point or another. I personally have suffered many injuries and understand from the inside what a hurt body is like. Most people end up on pain medications that can make a mess of their physical and mental wellbeing. My goal is to get the information out about how to do this work, so people can have quality, pain free lives.

I got ill in collage and had a complete hysterectomy at 18.  This sent me on a path of seeking health and wellbeing. I began to fast. This eventually led to a raw foods diet.  I went to Kauai at the age of twenty, and came to Taylor Camp.  I lived in Kalalau and Taylor Camp, and then traveled with my boyfriend all over the state, exploring the wilderness, hiking, and living off the land.

Later, I ended up writing a book about the healing process I discovered through my life. Also about how to restore the immune system of the body. It is called The Simple and Natural Candida Cleanse Program. It is available on Amazon. In addition to this, I studied Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with Auntie Margaret Machado of the Big Island.  I studied with her at age twenty-one and continued to pursue healing trainings and direct guidance throughout my life.

I began teaching in 1998, and have been a certified trainer during four workshops certified by  The National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. This organization governs the country in this field.

I also have a school that trains people to become massage therapists; in addition to the continuing education courses I mentioned. One of the courses is a class called "Body Balancing for Scoliosis Therapy". In this course, I teach people how to address spinal misalignments in several abnormality patterns in a facial molding way without force. Correcting misalignment of knees, clavicles, and all working with the fascia part of the body. I use non-force relaxation methods rather than abrupt chiropractic type treatment. I have had reports of  elimination scar tissue, an underlying reason for pain and misalined body parts and posture. This is my own technique and modality.

 This work effects much more than just the muscles and bones but helps to straighten the spine so that the cerebral spinal fluid flows up and down it, as it is normally meant to. In a twisted spine, some of the electricity of the body is shut off in a brown-out type situation. This can cause symptoms such as constipation, erectile dysfunction, heart irregularities, plus a host of other internal organ malfunctions or under functions. Not to mention sciatica and other pain syndromes.

In addition to this, I am a seer and have had visions and seen the future many times. There is a movie out, Soul Surfer, that is directly related to a verbal prophesy I gave in a church in Hanalei when there was just a small group of people living in the Dolphin House in Hanalei bay on the beach. The parents of Bethany Hamilton were my roommates at that time. One of my clients also lived there at that time and told me that Sheri, Bethany’s mom, has the prophecy in her journal. The prophecy was that from that small group of people, the gospel would go out to the whole world. It most certainly has and touched many. I also had a vision of 9/11 and the political situation of the world we are now in 20 or so years before it happened. With the exact words Middle Eastern terrorism given to me at the time. There is much mor but this is a glimpse of this side of me.

In 1997, I was sent to Alaska and endowed with an anointing. This really boils down to the love of God. It is manifest in my hands as a healing ray. A picture was taken by one of my students that shows the power in white light with blue hues at dusk in Haena on the beach in 2010.

In 2008, I noticed some of my pictures had very strange things in them. I have since spent some time looking and found hundreds of pictures capturing parallel universes in other dimensions. In seeking an understanding as to why this phenomenon is occurring, I have sought many avenues of knowledge such as sciences dealing with this sort of thing, wormholes, time travel, and dimensional portals. I have had a number of documented close encounters of a supernatural kind. I have come to the conclusion in my research that the vibration of my being is tuned to other dimensions not of this one. I have pictures of theses places because I have this power coming out of my hand, causing the camera to momentarily tune in as well and take a picture of what is actually there. I have been moved to write a book of all my experiences and show the pictures and tell the story of my journey through the world. I am trying to understand more what is happening to me and others. I have never doctored any picture; they are just as I took them, apart from close-up zoom-ins. Some lens flares may be present in some pictures however theses photos are for the most part not able to be explained by lens flares alone another element in the picture makes it stand out as unusual. Blessings and much Aloha,

Sarah Marguerite Pennington

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Sarah Starlight To check out the book go to Portals Photos of  Angels, Orbs, and Portals



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