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   Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage


This is the Lomi from auntie Margaret Machado’s line. Experience total melt down, Hawaiian style. Excellent for the blood and lymph circulation, causing relaxation and rejuvenation. This is a full body lymphatic drainage massage.




Structural Spinal Sculpting




 Body Balancing for Scoliosis Therapy


A brand new medical massage focused on getting to the root of pain issues. It deals with postural imbalances, bone and joint misalignments, organ dysfunction due to nerve impingement caused by spinal rotations. Also scoliosis c- and s- curves and kyphosis and lordosis issues. This therapy is excellent for accident recovery (for recovery from accidents in the distant past to the present day). Scar tissue builds up from injuries and structural abnormalities of the body parts in relation to each other. This is the root of what many find as their pain location. This therapy gently breaks up the scar tissue and removes it from the body. Thus returning the region to freedom of movement and relieving the pain caused by the presence of scar tissue. This Bodywork comes from Sarah Marguerite Pennington and is NCBTMB accredited.  People receiving this treatment have had these symptoms relieved or corrected: scoliosis, shoulder neck and back pains, restless leg syndrome, acid-reflux syndrome, knee function and pain, range of motion loss, erectile dysfunction disorder, constipation, depression, inability to lose weight, migraine headaches.




Structural Shoulder Neck and Arm Bodywork


This bodywork deals with the issues common to this region of the body by realigning ribs and posture, getting to the roots of pain and range of motion issues. Excellent for surfers and surfing accidents, as well as car and other accidents, repetitive motion injury; deals with the roots of these issues.


Scar tissue removal is a key part of getting this region free from frozen shoulder syndrome and chronic pain problems. The main bodywork style used is Structural Integration Therapy invented by Ida Rolf, PhD. Also used: Body Balancing for Scoliosis Therapy.










Spa Scrubs and Relaxation


Rejuvenation Services




Pohaku Hot Rock and Sand Treatment


This treatment takes hot and cold rock therapies to a new level by incorporating gemstone Hawaiian Olivine Crystal Sands heated to melt the tension into oblivion. Just imagine yourself lying on a bed of hot sand, being massaged and soothed by hot and cold lava rocks. This is how the ancient Hawaiian relaxed their muscles.




Hawaiian Sea Salt Scrub


This experience is a total body exfoliation and detoxification. The Hawaiian salt is gently massaged over the entire body using Hawaiian Lomi Lomi to gently rock you into relaxed paradise. The salt will polish the skin to a soft glow while it gently pulls toxins from the skin.




Aztec Clay Body Treatment


This treatment detoxifies the body through the skin and makes it silky smooth and soft.




Charcoal Liver Poultice


This treatment pulls toxins out of the liver through an external poultice, which may help prolong the life of the liver. The liver stores waste and is the toxic waste dump of the body. This poultice works kind of like hitting the empty the trash button on your computer, only on the liver. By pulling the toxins out, the function of the liver is improved, giving it the opportunity to repair itself.














Aztec Clay Body Treatment$75 / 30 minutes
Body Balancing For Scoliosis Therapy$100 / 60 minutes
Charcoal Liver Poultice$75 / 30 minutes
Hawaiian Sea Salt Scrub$75 / 30 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$170 / 90 minutes
Structural Shoulder, Neck, and Arm Bodywork$100 / 60 minutes
Tandem or 4 Handed Traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi$200 / 60 minutes
Traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi$100 / 60 minutes
Traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi $150 / 120 minutes
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