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Romance Enhancement Retreats


Couples Romance Enhancement Retreats


Couples! Get ready to transform your love life with a romantic and bonding experience that you will treasure for a lifetime. You can relax in Kauai's beautiful setting, watching the waves crash before you as you experience a getaway in paradise filled with adventure, peace and rest. Not to mention the much-needed romance time.

Picture yourself pampered and catered too like royalty while enjoying the many activities of the island. You receive your own private concierge to arrange all your activities and prepare your special moments, so you arrive and enjoy with no effort.

On top of all Kauai has to offer, we personalize your experience with in house massage and spa facilities. It gets even better! You can learn how to massage your partner as well, and they you, so you can take a bit of heaven with you as you bond ever more closely by meeting each others need for relaxation and therapy.

The trainer you will be guided by is a veteran massage trainer and therapist. She has 40 years massage and counseling experience. She is nationally certified for continuing education for massage therapy worldwide, and can guide you in how to really help one another to stay in better health for a lifetime. She is an expert in dealing with most every type of injury and lingering discomfort in the body.

Want to get even closer and eliminate any issues of communication or other couple issues. Sarah is equipped to offer the islands own way of dealing with family issues Hawaiian Hooponopono. This basically means to make right or to come into right relationship with one another. This process can clear blocks between people and prevent blocks from forming in new relationships. Relationships take some work, as all good and worthwhile things do. So give your relationship a tune up on communication and find out how much closer you can become through Hooponopono.

The beautiful accommodations are available on the north shore of Kauai. The Romance Enhancement Retreat services are available to you if you stay in our lodging or not. If you have your own accommodations, we can come to you!!

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